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At Animal Outfitters, we believes in humane, positive reinforcement, and rewards-based training as endorsed by the American Veterinary Society of Animal Behavior

Private Training

Gain the results you desire with one-on-one private training sessions that are customized to bring out the best in your dog. For dogs of all ages.


Puppy Preschool

Start your puppy off on the right behavior developmental path with training solutions that emphasize socialization and the basics of establishing a strong obedience foundation. For dogs  4-6 months.
4 weeks [4 – 60-min sessions]

Adolescent Pup Group Trainings

Teach your adolescent pup to be the perfect family companion—calm, attentive, and responsive—with fun, innovative, lessons. For dogs 6 months – 2 years.
4 weeks [4 – 60-min sessions]

Adult Dog Group Training

Train your dog beyond the basics using fun and unique training methods that are specifically designed for the adult dog. For dogs 2 years and up.
4 weeks [4 – 60-min sessions]


Private Fitness + Conditioning

Gain the results you desire with one-on-one private fitness and conditioning sessions for your dog. For dog of all ages.


FitPAWS® Family Dog Fitness Classes

Learn exercises for balance, strength, endurance, and flexibility in your dog using FitPAWS specialty equipment. For dogs 1 year and up. | 4 weeks [4 – 60-min sessions]


The Hydraulics Walk

Enjoy a little fresh air, as we take a stroll through the neighborhood. 15- or 30-minute walks available.

Treadmill Walks

Improve your pup’s fitness with a workout session on our canine treadmill—a perfect routine for the dog with excess energy or a weight problem to address. 10- or 20-minute walks available.

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